Curriculum Vitae



Mr. Easterbrook graduated from University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (1986).

Before his degree (1980 - 1982) he was employed at an engineering firm as a Draftsperson of packaged natural gas compressors and an Energy firm as a Draftsperson of oil industry equipment.

After graduation he joined a manufacturer of custom air handling units (1986 -1990) as the Mechanical Engineer. During this period he supervised the drafting department, responsible for sales and design, reported to the owners and was company liaison for CSA approvals.

He became an associate member of ASHRAE in 1987, and full member of ASHRAE in 1999.

In 1990 to the present he is a Business Owner manufacturing Log Homes, including responsibility for design of structures, HVAC, energy efficiency, OBC compliance and production equipment design and upgrades.

Since 2005 Mr. Easterbrook has operated an Engineering firm specializing in Bill 124 requirements for residential design.

In Aug 2006 Bruce became an associate with D.D.D.G. Engineering Services to provide engineering services.


Material Handling

Designed dust & shavings air conveying and removal system. Calculated air flow speeds, sized receiving duct, specified fan and motor. Designed chain conveyor system and integrated with elevator.

Product Design

Designed HVAC units for hospital operating theatres, ventilating units for underground mines, direct and indirect fired heating units, various HVAC equipment for gas and oilfield buildings, purge systems, explosion-proof, intrinsically safe with custom controls and panels, dehumidification units for public swimming pools and ice rinks, certified portable HEPA filter units for asbestos removal projects, micro-filtering requirements for a computer chip manufacturing, corrosion proof/spark-proof unit, gas/chemical removal filter for outside air intake of military command bunker, ultra-quiet HVAC unit for sound stage, HVAC unit with hot/cold deck zone distribution head with economizer capability. Engineering included selection of fans for acoustical properties, design of insulation systems for maximum attenuation, analysis of fan noise and specification of supply and return silencers. He performed studies for operational weights of units, high inertia loads on start-up and limits on motor run-up times for motor sizing.
He liaised with CSA for certification of tower mounted weatherproof electronic enclosures for AGT cell phone network.


Move of log home manufacturer, designed new manufacturing layout, upgraded to Sawmill, Planner, Edger, upgraded plant electrical distribution to accommodate manufacturing equipment and layout. Designed and constructed several new buildings.
Kiln - Manufactured complete stand-alone wood kiln unit. Designed refrigeration system to remove moisture and including heat recovery. Determined wood condensates which would be produced and specified compatible materials or coatings required. Design included corrosion-proof electrical preheat coils, full wash-down capability and full control package and panel.

Construction Projects

Office tower, coordinated HVAC manufacture and delivery with building construction schedule.

Project Management

Designed Large residence, became ONHWP certified, lot plan, applied for permits, broke project down into specific scopes of work, received bids and selected contractors, inspected and approved work, paid contractors, set and maintained budget. $450,000.00

HVAC Installations

Provided HVAC system for new lab. Co-coordinated with fume hood manufacturer and design engineer for proper airflow and distribution, control interlocks. Lab was a self-contained negative pressure area with an air lock for entry and exit. It was a variable flow system with custom diffusers, make-up air system and purge system for the air lock. Coordinated and reviewed operational scenarios, system performance, control, interlocks and alarms.

Process Piping Systems

Designed skid mounted packaged gas and oilfield equipment, pressure vessels, piping, gas dehydrators. Provided detailed design for fractionation towers and shell and tube heat exchangers.

Machine Design

Upgrade of Planer included bearings, cutters, blades, wear plates, feed speed, set up to factory specifications, new guide system to allow planning of round material. Upgrade to Lathe included cutter head re-design and optimization of hydraulic system. Upgrade to Hole Saw, included new head design and new jig table.


Resort - optimized layout and assembly, added hurricane protection and passive ventilation.

Control Systems

Designed motor controls c/w panels, control interface, coil control valves, instrumentation sensors and indicators, including explosion-proof and intrinsically safe. Investigated and specified a zero phase angle switching, modulating temperature controller for electric heating. Designed and specified electrical and controls systems for production equipment.

Energy Efficiency and Auditing

Has applied energy-efficiency design principles in accordance with the following codes: